Too Cute Thursday

IMG_0410Strike a pose.

Ever since her friend passed this dress down to her, she’s been playing ‘getting married’ almost every day. She may have convinced me to put my own wedding dress on… 

IMG_0409Sometimes I can’t tell if he’s a willing participant in her cuddles or not, but 95% of the time, he has a smile on his face. (And lately, there’s always a stick/marker/crayon in his mouth as well.)

FullSizeRenderStanding is all the rage around here.

(No steps yet, just standing and shouting at anyone who is nearby.)

Interview with Elise : 4 years old

::  Elise Arosa, Age 4  ::

1. What is your name and how old are you? “My name is Elise Arosa and I’m four.”
2. What is your favorite color? “My favorite color is Rainbow.”
 3. What is your favorite toy to play with? “My favorite toy is my Elsa doll.”  
4. What is your favorite fruit? “My favorite fruit is….um……………..grapes. My favorite fruit is cherries.”
 5. What is your favorite tv show? “My favorite tv show is Berenstain Bears.”
6. Favorite movie? “My favorite movie is……hmmmm…oh! Frozen.” 
7. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? “Turkey and cheese sandwich.”
8. What is your favorite outfit that you wear? “My favorite clothes is all of my clothes.”
9. What is your favorite game to play? “My favorite game is Twister.”
10. What is your favorite snack? “My favorite snack is dried fruit.”
11. What is your favorite animal? “My favorite animal is a horsey.”
12. What is your favorite song? “My favorite song is Let It Go. Let it go let it go I can’t hold it back anymore let it go let it go.”
13. What is your favorite book to read? “My favorite book is Frozen book.” What is your favorite book for daddy to read you at bedtime? “DADA.”
14. Who is your best friend? “My best friend is Barrett. Sofia, Caroline, and Daelyn. Lydia and Anna. ” 
15. What is your favorite cereal? “My favorite cereal is Raisin Bran.”
16. What is your favorite thing to do outside? “Play baseball.”
17. What is your favorite drink? “My favorite drink is hot cocoa, chocolate milk, water, milk.”
18. What is your favorite holiday?  “My favorite holiday is Frozen holiday.” (If anybody knows when this is, please let me know. I feel like we should celebrate it. 🙂 )
19. What is your favorite thing to take with you to bed? “My Elsa doll.”
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? “A doctor.” (later this became “A ninja warrior doctor.”)
21. Where is your favorite place to go? “I like to go to the airport to ride on the airplane to go to see my cousin Barrett.”
22. Where do you want to eat for your birthday? “George’s.” (Her favorite diner in our town. She gets a Mickey Mouse pancake and bacon every single time.) Technically, we already went there a month ago on her actual birthday.
 It’s fun to compare to TWO YEARS OLD & THREE YEARS OLD. She speaks much more like a legit big kid now instead of a toddler. Sad and awesome at the same time.

Too Cute Thursday

IMG_3678Crafting at our church’s Vacation Bible School last week— it’s become one of her favorite summer activities and she asked me to find her other VBSs to attend. I’m dutifully on the search.


They love playing and rolling around in Elise’s tent hunting blind. Giggles and squeals galore. It’s all fun and games until someone inevitably gets kicked in the face….

IMG_5255Such a happy boy as long as he has food to eat. Also, this was several days ago before I gave him a much needed haircut. It was cute to look at, but totally out of control and a collection zone for food chunks.