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8 days. That’s how long we left Elise in the wonderful company of her two grandmothers and took off to the wonderful islands of Maui & Hawaii (the big island).

First off, a *huge* thank you to them for watching her while we went away. I think they thought having both of them would be overkill. After spending the week entertaining Elise, I think they’re glad they got to take breaks. đŸ™‚ And they kept us updated with daily pictures sent directly to our phones.

Our time on the big island of Hawaii was a whirwind. We flew in Saturday afternoon, flew out early Monday afternoon. With the hotel being a 2 1/2 hour drive from the airport, it basically meant Saturday and Monday were a wash. Why did we stay so far from our airport? For one, it doesn’t look that far on a map — except for the fact you have to drive around half of the island to get there. Secondly, it was a beautiful place. We stayed in a little two bedroom B&B in the town of Volcano right next to the volcanic national park. Each morning we were greeted to views of lush rainforest right outside our windows. It had fresh fruit and snacks in the rooms, was super eco-friendly, had a sauna & hot tub 20 feet from our room, and was honestly just a beautiful place.

At the Crater's Edge - Outside our room

We spent Sunday visiting a black sand beach, driving down to the southernmost tip of the U.S., hiking down to the “green” sand beach, visiting a coffee & macadamia nut plantation, eating coffee berries right off of the tree, walking through lava tubes, and trekking the volcanic national park. On our drive back to the airport on Monday morning, we had just enough time to stop at another coffee plantation (where a normal small bag of coffee cost about $70) and have lunch at Kona Brewery, which is a microbrew beer we get here in Seattle.

Almost to the green sand beach...

Early morning at the Volcanic national park

Once in Maui, most of our time was spent lounging on the beach, swimming, eating, and relaxing. The accommodations were a small well furnished top floor studio condo which looked out onto the beach and 3 islands (Kahoolawe, Lana’i, and Moloka’i). We also got to enjoy a good old fashioned luau, zip lining through the forest surrounding one of the dormant volcanoes, and an hour long couple’s massage.

View from the room looking at Lana'i

Obligatory jumping pic from ziplining

At the Luau

We also got pretty good at driving the Jeep Wrangler we rented. We pretty much drove around the entire island during the time we were there. Our first day we drove around the north end and down to Lahaina where we stayed. The roads were pretty treacherous — 15 miles were 1 lane which snaked along the cliffs. Fortunately there was little traffic minus a small school bus which caused havoc for people going the other way. And on Friday we did the road to Hana + the backside of it, which pretty much completed the circle of the island.

Anybody coming???

If this guy could make it, I can make it....

Mahalo, Hawai'i! See you next time!

too cute thursday – special edition

This week we have a special video edition of Too Cute Thursday, entitled: ‘Elise likes cats. Elise likes lasers. Elise likes cats + lasers’.

Well worth a couple minutes of your time, I promise.


{at a friends’ house while checking on their cats}


{at home with guster}

(a joint post by k & t)