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Too Cute Thursday

IMG_3180Camping on the beach with Nana & Papa, covered in sand, and incredibly happy.

IMG_3081So nice to have 3 of the grandparents visiting for a big birthday weekend.

Lots of hugs, playtime, and extra faces for Gabe to poke. 🙂

Version 2Bathtime sillies. Sticking out his tongue is his new favorite thing.


Too Cute Thursday

FullSizeRenderHooray, Hooray! School is finally back in session!  She loves loves loves school, so we are all happy to be back in the school routine. I’m pretty sure we were the very last people on Earth to start the schoolyear.

familyIf there is a single picture that perfectly captures our lives right now, this one is it.

Spot on. 


Too Cute Thursday

IMG_2826Special stop on our mommy daughter date. We did a little back-to-school shopping and she kept telling me “mommy, this is SO fun!”. It made me realize I definitely need to focus on spending more one on one time with her.
IMG_2798Our own version of carpooling.
IMG_2746Am I the only one who can’t believe he’s almost ONE?!?!

Too Cute Thursday

IMG_0410Strike a pose.

Ever since her friend passed this dress down to her, she’s been playing ‘getting married’ almost every day. She may have convinced me to put my own wedding dress on… 

IMG_0409Sometimes I can’t tell if he’s a willing participant in her cuddles or not, but 95% of the time, he has a smile on his face. (And lately, there’s always a stick/marker/crayon in his mouth as well.)

FullSizeRenderStanding is all the rage around here.

(No steps yet, just standing and shouting at anyone who is nearby.)