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Welcome to our blog!

We are transplants from America’s Heartland.  Lovers of cheesecake, wine, coffee and Jesus.

A computer whiz and a creative chick.  A car fanatic and an avid runner.  Newlyweds living in the Northwest.



Being miles away from many of our family and friends, we wanted to make it easier to share about what’s been going on in our lives.  The exciting. The mundane.  Our travels.  Our life in the city we now call home…Seattle.

Bookmark this site, add us to your RSS feed, your blogroll, whatever you prefer.  Join the fun that is Todd & Katie!

{updated 2012}

All of the above is still true, except:

1. i no longer consider ourselves to be newlyweds. we’re old married folks.

2. we live in the suburbs now. wahh wahhh. 🙁

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